USNMix Report: Communication Minister Manoj Sinha said, 
“5G is wonderful opportunity for boost the technology, and it will change India’s picture”

IT minister Manoj Sinha said that ensuring security of the digital network and sovereignty is the top priority of the government.
The economic impact of 5G on India will be more than $ 1,000 billion. The country is preparing itself aggressively in this new generation of technology. Communication Minister Manoj Sinha said this on Tuesday. He said that India’s ‘5G bus will not leave’ Referring to the increase in the number of data usage, broadband users in the country and lower tariff in the last five years, he said that ensuring security and sovereignty of the digital network is the top priority of the government.
5G opportunity for technology boost in India

Sinha said that we are preparing for the next round of digital transformation. It is important to ensure the security of digital communication and sovereignty. “It will be important that we pay attention to the safety test and establish the appropriate safety standards. We have recently started a state-of-the-art facility to prepare for the safety confidence standard. “
Addressing the India Telecom 2019 Exhibition organized by Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC), Sinha said that this unit will work on security needs. It will also help in developing test and certification ecosystems in the country. “The minister said, while giving the 5G as a diversion contract, he said that the major programs of the government such as Digital India and Smart Cities will go forward through 5G. Sinha said that the economic impact of 5G will be $ 1,000 billion and after that the impact will be much higher.
He emphasized the need for investment incentives and said that the necessary infrastructure should be made to make the 5G infrastructure successful. He said that a work group was formed to implement the recommendations of the high level forum on 5G, which submitted its report in August, 2018. Sinha also said that the government is in favor of such policies and regulations, to develop 5G based technologies and services.
In his address, Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundar Rajan said that the connectivity requirements for developing and developed markets are different. Sundararajan said that the challenges are different for us. We need telecommunication networks that can provide inclusion, basic services, and connect people who are deprived of it now.

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