USNMix Report: Food used to be stolen in Air India aircraft, 

action against 4 employees.
It is alleged that ground staff and officers use the remaining food and ration material after reaching the destination of the aircraft for their ‘personal use’.
Air India has taken disciplinary action against four employees for the charges of ‘theft’ of food and ration material from aircraft. Senior officials of the National Airline gave this information. It is notable that Air India Chairman and Managing Director Ashwani Lohani had written a letter at the internal level in August 2017, that it has been observed that ground staff and officers have access to the remaining food and ration material after reaching the destination of the aircraft. Do for ‘personal use’. It was said in the circular that ‘the officials involved in such works will be suspended.’ 
Air India Aircraft take disciplinary action against employees for stealing food

A senior Air official of Air India told PTI on condition of not disclosing the name that since the issuance of circular in August, 2017, the airline has been able to recover the remaining food and ration material and the catering department Two employees and two employees of the cabin crew have been acted against.
The officer told that after being found involved in this work, a assistant manager of the catering department and a senior assistant were suspended for 63 days and three days respectively. Officials said that in March last year two members of the New Delhi-Sydney cabin cabin-crew were warned and limited to domestic flights. Air India did not respond to questions about this.

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