USNMix Report: All cable TV users adopted new channel system, 
DTH users still back.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said that almost all cable TV consumers have either selected their preferred channels under the new fee system or have adopted the best package of channels. TRAI said that service providers have given this information to him. TRAI meeting with the owners of the distribution platform on Friday. The meeting included multi system operators and all major DTH companies.

All Cable TV users selected preferred channels or best packages of channels

43% of the DTH candidates have done the election
TRAI Secretary S. K. Gupta said that according to information received from service providers, in the case of DTH, 43 percent of the consumers have selected the channels of their choice. He said that if you include the consumers who have adopted the appropriate package, then this figure becomes 57 percent. He said, the regulator reviewed the adoption of the new system of consumers with all major DPOs.

Cable TV consumer 100 percent
According to information given by the DPO, about 100 percent of cable TV users have adopted the new fee system. In the case of DTH, 43 percent of the consumers have joined the new system. DTH companies told TRAI that all the users of the prepaid service will be in the new system in the next two to three weeks.

TRAI asked all the companies in the meeting that consumers should not have any problem in getting new arrangements from the old system. TRAI has extended the deadline for consumers to choose their favorite channels, on March 31.

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