Amazon Fire TV Cube (Second Generation) Review 2021

USNMix Report: Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) Review:

Echo and Fire TV in One.

The Fire TV Cube has a consistently on receiver for Alexa voice orders.

Fire TV Cube 4K Ultra HD 2021

There are a lot of valid justifications to possess a committed streaming gadget, and Amazon’s Fire TV range covers the vast majority of those utilization cases. With costs beginning at Rs. 2,999 for the Fire TV Stick Lite and going up to Rs. 5,999 for the competent Fire TV Stick 4K, the reach offers effortlessness, usability, Alexa voice right hand backing, and admittance to all significant web-based features. Be that as it may, missing from India the entirety of this time has been the organization’s generally noteworthy and incredible Fire TV item yet, the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen). It has now at last been dispatched here for Rs. 12,999.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is a streaming box with not just preferred equipment and particulars over the Fire TV Stick 4K, yet in addition upgraded capacities that incorporate without hands admittance to the Alexa voice collaborator. Sitting on a table as opposed to taken cover behind your TV, the Fire TV Cube vows to join the qualities of an Echo keen speaker and a Fire TV streaming gadget. Is this interesting item worth the cost? Discover in this survey.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (Second Generation) Review 2021
Amazon Fire TV Cube

Who is the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) implied for?

While Amazon’s more moderate Fire TV Stick items are intended for center video web based, the Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is a considerably more impressive and competent gadget. It’s equipped for spilling at up to Ultra-HD goal, and supports all major HDR designs including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG. There’s additionally Dolby Atmos support, making the Fire TV Cube an appropriate source gadget for very good quality home amusement arrangements.

Like any remaining Fire TV items, the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is an independent streaming gadget, and incorporates its own distant for controls. As the name proposes, it is formed like a solid shape and is intended to sit on top of a table close to your TV, as opposed to remaining taken cover behind it. It’s intended to be a hybrid between the Fire TV reach and Echo scope of items from Amazon, albeit the Echo usefulness on the actual gadget is restricted.

Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen, 2021) with all-new Alexa Voice Remote

There are controls for volume, quieting the amplifier, and summoning Alexa physically on the top, while the back has every one of the ports. There’s a force input, HDMI, a 3.5mm attachment for the included infrared extender adornment, and a Micro-USB port for the included Ethernet connector. Wired Internet availability is something that is preposterous on other Fire TV gadgets without the utilization of a discretionary connector. The speaker of the Fire TV Cube is at the base, and a light strip at the top gives visual prompts like the pointer lights on Echo speakers.

You should simply associate it to your current arrangement utilizing a HDMI link (excluded from the case), and set your TV to show from the HDMI port that the gadget (or your bigger AV arrangement) is associated with. Strangely, aside from the distant, the Fire TV Cube likewise takes into consideration sans hands admittance to Amazon’s Alexa voice collaborator for voice control of the gadget and other Alexa-empowered gadgets in your home. At the point when the amplifier is on, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is continually tuning in for the wake word (“Alexa” naturally).

How does the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) work?

The Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is the organization’s most impressive streaming gadget yet. It has a hexa-center processor ( four centers at up to 2.2GHz and two additional centers at up to 1.9GHz), with a coordinated Mali G52-MP2 GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of interior stockpiling, and double band Wi-Fi. There is likewise HDMI CEC with simple arrangement, which permits you to control your TV, speaker framework, or soundbar that the Fire TV Cube is associated with.

Remembered for the business bundle is simply the Fire TV Cube, a force connector, an Ethernet connector, an infrared extender, and the Alexa voice distant. In case you’re awkward with saving the gadget’s amplifier on all the ideal opportunity for without hands Alexa access, the catch on the distant allows you to summon the voice associate on request all things being equal. You can likewise utilize it to give voice orders all the more dependably in boisterous rooms.

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote

The distant will be recognizable for any individual who has utilized a Fire TV gadget previously, with a D-Pad for route, volume and playback catches, fast Home and Back catches, and hotkeys for Prime Video, Netflix, and Amazon Music. There is likewise a committed catch to get to the application cabinet, which is helpful on the new Fire TV UI since just a small bunch of applications can be shown on the home screen. It’s fueled by two AAA batteries, which are remembered for the container.

Similarly as with other streaming gadgets from Amazon just as different brands, the Fire TV Cube (second Gen) gives the sign to your home diversion arrangement, and picture and sound quality will, obviously, rely upon the TV and sound framework you’re utilizing.

How would you be able to manage the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen)?

The center reason for the Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is to transfer video content, and the gadget does this comparably well, if worse, than the Fire TV Stick 4K. The Fire TV Cube runs Fire TV OS, which offers admittance to different famous applications and real time features, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, and Apple TV, among others.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) gadgets in India accompany the redid Fire TV UI, what while still centered around Amazon Prime Video content, makes it a bit simpler to discover other substance and framework settings. While most things are best finished with the far off, Alexa voice help makes it simple to control numerous essential capacities with voice orders.

The Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is fast, responsive, and generally slack free in its presentation. Content across applications and administrations stacked rapidly at all goals, and played back easily. In any case, I confronted a few issues with the gadget when associated with a LG 48CX TV.

I needed to continually change the showcase settings on the Fire TV Cube contingent upon whether I was watching Ultra-HD standard unique reach or HDR content, to guarantee that I was getting the right goal and dynamic reach. Certain settings would not permit HDR10 or Dolby Vision content to show appropriately, while different settings would show in any case Ultra-HD content at full-HD goal, so I expected to continue exchanging relying upon what I needed to watch.

In spite of the fact that exchanging these settings wasn’t excessively troublesome and it didn’t take me too long to even consider tracking down the right settings for the particular substance, this is by all accounts a product bug that not every person will handily sort out. It’s conceivable that such issues are explicit to just certain TVs, however the experience for me was not as smooth as I had trusted.

Alexa on the Fire TV Cube (second Gen) can not just give important reactions to questions through its inherent speaker yet additionally let you control associated keen home apparatuses including the Fire TV interface and associated TV itself. You can utilize it to kill the TV on or, select explicit substance, and change the volume. I discovered this fairly valuable, particularly when staring at the TV while eating dinners, or when I immediately expected to stop what was playing and I was unable to track down the distant right away.

It merits bringing up here that while there is an underlying speaker for Alexa’s expressed reactions to orders, it can’t be utilized to play music or other substance. For content, the Fire TV Cube (second Gen) will send its yield to the speakers of your associated TV or home theater arrangement, which for me was my TV’s implicit speaker.

This implies that you can add without hands Alexa abilities to your current home diversion arrangement utilizing the Amazon Fire TV Cube, alongside having the option to stream Ultra-HD high powerful reach content with help for key video and sound configurations. Despite the fact that you can straightforwardly interface this gadget to a decent TV and appreciate the advantages, it’s best utilized with an undeniable home amusement arrangement that incorporates a soundbar or home theater enhancer and multi-speaker framework.


The Amazon Fire TV Cube (second Gen) is the most remarkable gadget in its reach, and capacities as a noteworthy hybrid of the Fire TV and Echo product offerings. Albeit not altogether different from the significantly more reasonable Fire TV Stick 4K in its center usefulness, the option of sans hands Alexa voice controls, the improved availability alternatives, and the responsive and slack free UI execution make this value the extra cost for cutting edge clients.

For every other person, contingent upon the TV you plan to utilize it with, the Fire TV Stick 4K or Fire TV Stick (third Gen) could bode well since they are considerably more reasonable and offer a similar fundamental usefulness. You could likewise think about the Apple TV 4K, yet the Fire TV Cube’s without hands voice controls give it a critical advantage over any remaining premium streaming gadgets accessible in India this moment, if that is something that advances to you.

Value: Rs. 12,999


4K streaming, all major applications accessible

Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos support

Fair UI and execution

Sans hands Alexa, voice controls

Great far off


Somewhat costly

In-fabricated speaker can’t be utilized for sound substance

Programming has a few bugs

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