USNMix Report: Amazon aims to increase e-commerce
exports from India to $ 5 billion.

Online marketplace Amazon (Go To Website) is expected to increase e-commerce exports from India to $ 5 billion by 2023 under its global sales program. This was said on behalf of the company on Tuesday. 
Amazon targets to increase e-commerce exports from India

Great prospects for India in global scenario Amazon India’s Country Head Amit Agarwal said in the statement, “Amazon started a global sales program in India four years ago. In the next five years, India has huge potential for global scenario.
He said that the company is confident about the global sales program that it will reach level of 5 billion dollars by 2023 due to the presence of millions of Indian manufacturers, exporters and small enterprises. The program started in 2015 with a few hundred vendors and now it has crossed the 1 billion dollar level with more than 50,000 exporters.

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