Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: RBI alerts that ‘Do not accidentally download AnyDesk App; 
total amount will be empty of your bank account in minutes.’

AnyDesk app asks you for permission to access data. Once you have access, your account information is shared.

Due to technology, things have become easier, but this also increases the risk. Transaction is easily done through UPI (Unified Payment Interface). But, the RBI was constantly complaining that it was being foiled. After considering the complaints, the Reserve Bank has issued a warning on February 14. Users are not told to download the “AnyDesk” mobile app at any given time. If you downloaded this app then hackers can access your account and your account can be cleared in minutes.

AnyDesk app can empty your bank account in minutes

Let Explain, if the download option is also clicked on the wrong side, then it asks for permissions on data access from you. After accessing data, hackers get all your information. Let me tell you, this app is like a remote control that is used to connect multiple devices.

Such Fraud Does AnyDesk
Once downloaded, AnyDesk generates a 9-digit app code on the user’s device and calls the cyber criminals and asks the user for the code in the name of the bank. Once this code is found, the hacker binds to the user’s device and can download all the information about his device without knowing it and can do the transaction.

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