Apple Got Synthetic Group Selfies Patent allowing Users to Take Virtual Group Selfies Remotely

USNMix Report: Apple gets virtual selfie patent,

can take group selfie from any corner of the world.

Can take group selfie in any corner of the country and the world. There will also be an option to remove background. Apple gave the application for the patent two years ago.

Apple, which has started a new trend every year in terms of technology, has now got a patent which is really surprising. The US Patent and Trademark Office has approved Apple’s patent for virtual selfies. Getting this patent means that in the coming time, iPhone users will be able to take group selfies from any corner of the world with their friends.

Apple Got Synthetic Group Selfies Patent

Generally, it is necessary for group selfies to be together for all people, but this need not happen after this payment of Apple. Apple applied for this patent two years ago. According to Patently Apple, under this patent, computing devices will be used that will create a group group selfie.

0pt; line-height: 107%;">What is a synthetic group selfie?

A synthetic group selfie is a composition of individual selfies that are merged into one image. For this, the device will use video images, live videos and photos. In the synthetic group selfie, users will also have the option to edit the selfie. Apart from this, all the users who take part in group selfies will also be able to decide their positions on their own.

All users will have to take a selfie in their phone and remove the background. After this, a virtual group selfie can be created with the selfie of all users, although it is not yet clear when this feature will be released for iPhone users.

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