Beware of ATM fraud of card cloning that clears accounts in a moment

USNMix Report: Be careful! ATM Fraud is taking advantage of your mistakes,
keep these 5 things in mind.

The occurrence of ATM fraud is increasing very fast. The debit and credit card is with you and the transaction is happening somewhere else.

Many cases of ATM fraud are coming out nowadays. Most of the incidents occur due to non-caution during use. Fraudulent ATM cloning clears your account in minutes. You have an ATM card and the transaction is happening elsewhere. It is therefore necessary to exercise caution while using ATMs and avoid being victim of any kind of fraud. 
Beware of ATM card fraud and tips for ATM safeguard

To avoid such fraud, cyber experts are giving some advice, which needs to be kept in mind.

1. Card Skimmer Device- At ATM machine several times the skin skimmer device is installed. When you insert the ATM card into the machine, it copies all the information about your card. After card details arrive, fraudsters empty your account with the help of sitting home and laptop.
2. There are times also that the fraudsters steal your card information and print it in the empty card. It can call card cloning. When a duplicate card is ready, they can easily do transactions wherever they are.
3. POS machine is used in petrol pumps, hotels, restaurants, malls and grocery stores in many places. These places need to be careful while using the card. Because, here are the most cases of card cloning and phishing. You are looted after card information is stolen.
4. At times your mail id is sent to a fake mail that is similar to the bank’s email. After this, the customer information is sought for secret information. Many people who are less educated, come to blows and share their full details. Here, even they share the OTP, after which your account is cleared.
5. Sometimes a fake website is prepared like a bank’s website. This website opens when you open the bank’s website. You fill your secret information here, after which you are robbed.

Avoid such fraud from these:

1. In the ATM you use, check that there is no other slot attached to the keyboard.

2. Keep in mind that there is no secret camera around the ATM keyboard that is used to steal your details.
3. When withdrawing money from an ATM, do not allow an unknown person to stand around.

4. If two machines are located in one place, enter the password and other information by covering the keyboard with the other hand. Doing so, the other person will not be able to get the information about your card.

5. If POS is to swipe from the machine then get this work done in front of you.

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