USNMix Report: Check in 5 steps sitting at home
whether your bank account is linked or not to Aadhaar.

According to the order of the Supreme Court, linking the bank account with Aadhaar is not necessary.
The Supreme Court verdict clearly states that it is not necessary to link the Aadhaar with a bank account. Other documents can be used for KYC of the account. However, it is necessary to link the Aadhaar to the card with PAN and its deadline is March 31. Most people have linked their bank account on the basis of the order of the court. At the same time, while opening a bank account, customers are linking it to their own interest. In this case, there will also be questions in your mind whether your account is linked to the basis. There is no need to panic you. We are going to tell you the way that with the help of sitting at home, it can be checked whether the Aadhaar and the account link is there or not. 
Check your bank account is linked with Aadhaar or not

1. First go to UIDAI’s official WEBSITE

2. After opening the website, click on “Check Aadhaar & Bank Account Linking Status”.
3. Here one page opens, where you have to enter the Aadhaar number of 12 digits.
4. After submission of Aadhaar Number, OTP (One Time Password) will be registered on registered mobile number.
5. Login after OTP is inserted, after which the status will be in front of you. If there is an account and a Aadhaar link, it will be written in front – “Your Bank Aadhar Mapping has been done.”
For information, please tell that the Aadhaar has been made necessary in some places. For example, it is necessary to link the Aadhaar with PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID, LPG Gas Connection.

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