China apps taken down from Google Play Store after Mitron app
USNMix Report: Remove China Apps missing from Google Play Store,
know the reason.

Remove China app removed from Google Play Store. People used this app fiercely to oppose China. Recently Mitron app was also removed from google play store.
In India, people had created the Remove China app to oppose China. But now this popular app has been removed from the Google Play Store. The popularity of this app can be gauged from the fact that it was downloaded more than 50 lakh times in just a few days. Also, this app was rated 4.9 points on the play-store.
Let us tell you that OneTouch App Lab, a tech company from Jaipur, created the Remove Chine app. At the same time, the company has shared information about the removal of this app from the Google Play Store via Twitter. However, the company has not yet clarified why this app has been removed from the Play-Store. 
China apps taken down from Google Play Store after Mitron app

But on the other hand, TechCrunch report says that Google has removed the Remove China app from the Play Store because it violated the Deceptive Behavior Policy. Under this policy, no user can change the settings of the device or the features of the app. Also, cannot remove other apps.
Removed Mitron app from play store
Mitron App, which went viral in the name of Swadeshi, was removed from the play-store in Tiktok. The Mitron app violated spamming and content policies, which led to its removal. Now you will not find this app on Google Play Store. Let me tell you that when the protest started in India against Tiktok, the Mitron app suddenly went viral in the name of Swadeshi and more than 50 lakh people downloaded this App. A later report revealed that the Mitron app is actually from Pakistan and has been bought and published on the Play Store.

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