USNMix Report: China-Ethiopia will stop using Boeing 737 Max-8, 
decision taken after plane crash.

After the Ethiopian air crash, China on Monday asked all its domestic airlines to immediately stop the commercial use of Boeing 737 Max-8. Also Ethiopia’s airline has stopped the operation of this aircraft. In view of the similarities in the two accidents, the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority in a statement said that the domestic airline stopped the operations of Boeing 737 Max-8 in the fleet at 6 pm local time by 6:00 pm.
China stop using Boeing 737 Max-8 after the Ethiopian air crash
157 people died in the accident
The Authority said that business use of Boeing 737 Max-8 will resume only after all aspects related to aircraft safety are confirmed. The Authority will contact the American aviation regulator and Boeing. The statement said that a few minutes after the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to fly to Nairobi, an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed in the morning, killing all 157 people, including four Indian nationals, tourists and businessmen riding in it.

Earlier in October, Indonesia’s Lion Air Company crashed after flying from Jakarta. All 189 passengers aboard the plane were killed. Meanwhile, the airline of Ethiopia from Addis Ababa told on Monday that they stopped the operations of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.
“After the tragic incident of ET302, Ethiopia’s airline has decided to stop the operation of the B-737-8 Max aircraft,” the government airline said in a statement issued on Twitter.

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