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get Discovery Plus app support. 

Discovery Plus app on Amazon Fire TV

Discovery launched the Discovery Plus mobile app in March to reach out to people. At the same time, now the company has made its latest app available on the platform of Amazon Fire TV. Now users of Amazon Fire TV will be able to access the content related to science, history and lifestyle present in the Discovery app. At the same time, the company says that our move will not make users feel bored in lockdown and it will also entertain them. Users will get access to premium shows.

Discovery Plus app launches on Amazon Fire TV

Users spend so much time on Discovery Plus app

According to the company, Amazon Fire TV users spend up to 41.3 minutes per day on the Discovery Plus app. During this time, most of the users watch videos related to science and lifestyle in the app.

These special shows are available on Discovery Plus mobile app

The Discovery Plus app offers great shows like NASA and SpaceX: Journey to the Future, Carter’s War, Space Launch: America Returns to Space, How the Universe Works, Nature’s Strangest Mysteries Solved, Mythbusters, Gold Rush and Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle.

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