USNMix Report: TRAI gives big relief to TV subscribers, 
not to increase monthly bill.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that DTH and cable operators can not charge more than their usual monthly bill under ‘Best Fit Plan’ from any customer. The regulator also warned that action would be taken if any kind of complaint was received. TRAI secretary SK Gupta said, “TRAI has given clear instructions to the distributor platform operators (DPO) that they can not take more funds from consumers than their current plans under the most suitable scheme.” Gupta said that TRAI is looking at the situation equally. If consumers complain, then they will be taken action.

DTH cable operator cannot increase more than usual monthly bill

The last date for choosing channels is increased to 31 March
He said, “TRAI has asked the DPO to present the most suitable scheme to those customers who have not yet chosen the channels themselves. This has been done to protect the interests of consumers and to avoid any inconvenience. The regulator has extended the last date for the selection of channels till March 31, 2019. TRAI said that the most suitable scheme should be designed based on the methods and language used by consumers.
Broadcasters will have to pay new rates
Cable and DTH service providers (DPOs) have to pay the broadcasters according to the new rates from this month. The Indian Broadcasting Foundation has said this. Earlier, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had said that only 35 per cent consumers using cable services and those using DTH services have adopted new rates.

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