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New rules will go beyond the 1st of February.

E-commerce companies can increase the date of new rules relating to FDI. These rules are yet to be implemented from 1st February. The government can extend the deadline for 2 to 3 months. If this happens, those who shop on the online platform will continue to get discounts for some more days. In December, the government issued a notification and strictly adhered to the rules related to FDI in e-commerce companies. After the implementation of this rule, online companies like Flipkart and Amazon will not be able to sell exclusive products on their platform.
E-commerce online shopping offer huge discount
There will be no exclusive platform for any goods
According to the government’s cleanliness, e-commerce companies are market place companies and in the business-to-business model, 100 percent FDI is allowed through automatic route. According to government notification, e-commerce companies can not put pressure on vendors and the seller will be able to sell their goods on many e-commerce platforms. On many occasions, new phones or products launch only on select e-commerce sites but after new rules there will be no exclusive platform for any goods.

E-commerce companies argue
E-commerce companies have argued to the government that they have not got enough time to understand the new rules. In such a six-month extension should be given. Experts also say that Flipkart and Amazon’s inventory of thousands of crores of private label products is lying with the company, so if new rules apply, then the company will not be able to send goods to that inventory on its platform.
Pressure from the US on the government
Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has invested $ 16 million in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart and has bought 77 percent stake. After this, both large e-commerce players in India are Amazon and Flipkart’s US connection. The US government is also pressurizing the Indian government to relax the rules in view of the interests of Flipkart and Amazon. The US government has said that bilateral trade relations between India and the US are good, therefore the interests of American companies should be protected.
Conflicts on the domestic front
On the other hand, domestic retail organizations are continuously opposing the February 1 deadline. CA IT has written a letter to the Prime Minister and has kept several demands. The letter written to PM clearly states that the date of February 1 will not be extended further. E-commerce policy will be released as soon as possible. Also, strict action should be taken against those companies who believe the rules related to the e-commerce policy. Tell me, a small retailer has always complained that e-commerce companies are giving a wrong discount by not following the rules. Just before the election, the government can not even annoy millions of small retailers.
This effect has happened on e-commerce companies
Companies like Flipkart and Amazon sell their products on their platforms by making their subsidiaries, but in any company, if the e-commerce company has a stake in any company, then companies will not be able to sell their goods or subsidiaries.The seller will also be responsible for customer satisfaction and the seller can not be pressurized to reduce the price. I.e. Flipkart and Amazon will not be able to give huge discounts. On the offers, e-commerce companies have to give cleanliness and transparency in giving cash back. New rules for e-commerce companies are effective from 1 February 2019.

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