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You will get money in 30 Days.

If a policy holder dies, then make a Death Certificate.
Life insurance is the best way to help in family safety and adverse circumstances. When a family gets frustrated, the family gets financial help through it. In case of death of the policy holder, the nominee gets money in lieu of insurance. But, the question arises here is whether you know the whole process of clacking it or not. If you know the process then the claim is easy and the job is quick. In this way, through this article, we will tell you all the things related to life insurance. Tell you which paper you need.
Easy way to claim Life Insurance after death of Policy holder

Life Insurance Claiming Process
Upon the death of the policy holder, the dependents should send a written notice to the insurance company with details such as policy number, name of the insured, date of death, location and reason, etc. For this, you can get an information form from your nearest branch or download it from the official website.
Documents related to Life Insurance Claim
When submitting the claim form, file a death certificate, age proof of the life assured, policy document, deed of assignment, etc. If the death of a policy holder comes within three years of buying life insurance, then some additional documents have to be presented. Among them – if the deceased person was admitted to the hospital, the deceased person was admitted to the hospital, the cremation or burial certificate from the person present during the incident, the employer’s certificate, if the deceased used to do the job, mentioning the details of the illness, a medical attendant Certificate is included.
Settlement within 30 days
According to the IRDAI rules, insurance companies should issue the insurer within 30 days of claiming the claim. If the insurer needs to investigate further, then the payment process should be completed within 6 months of receipt of the claim.

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