USNMix Report: Facebook launches new logo
and it will look very different from other apps.

The world’s tech company Facebook has launched a new logo to look different from other social media apps. The company will promote itself separately from the app through this new logo. Also, this new logo will give the company a different identity from the Facebook app.

At the same time, the company’s marketing officer Antonio Lucio has said that this new logo has been designed for special branding. He has further said that custom typography and capitalization have been used to make the visual of the logo different from the app. 
Facebook launches New Logo to look different from Instagram and Whatsapp

The company is currently providing services such as Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Workplace and Calibra (Digital Currency Libra Project) to its users. Apart from this, the company will soon launch the latest products in the market with new logo and official website.

Facebook says that we have created this logo with special custom typography, which will show the difference between the company and the app. Users can also contact us directly through the website. At the same time, this step of Facebook will enable more and more users to connect.

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