Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Transferring videos and photos
from Facebook to Google Photos became easy, learn how.

Veteran social media company Facebook has launched photo transfer tool at global level, through which users will be able to directly transfer photos and videos shared on social sites to Google photo platform. Currently, the company is testing this tool in Ireland. According to media reports, Facebook will soon introduce this latest tool in other countries. Let me tell you that this tool of Facebook has also been a part of the data transfer project.

Facebook’s data transfer tool
Facebook’s tool provides users with a way to transfer data between Apple, Google, Microsoft and Twitter. The company has written in its official blog post that through this tool, users can easily transfer data between different platforms with different sizes and services safely. This method is called data portable. 
Facebook launches tool for video and photo transfer to Google Photos

Open source platform
The data transfer project will be an open source platform through which all online service providers will be able to transfer data according to their needs. It is further written in the blog that users will not need to create a separate platform for data transfer and providers will be able to use the services of open source platform.

Facebook view point app
Recently, Facebook launched the View Point app for users. In this app, users can earn reward points by being part of research including survey, task. The company wrote in its official post that users can participate in various programs through this app. Not only this, users will get the option to share any kind of data with which app. Also, users will be able to earn money by completing the program.

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