USNMix Report: Facebook and Instagram give this feature to users, 
now post will be more fun.

Facebook has tied up with many Indian music companies for this facility.
Often you are listening to a song or you like a song. Then you have a mind to tell it to friends by posting it on social media or share it with any of your videos. Facebook has tied up with many Indian music companies for this facility.

Facebook gave this information in a statement on Thursday. The company has tied up with many other Indian music companies including T-Series Music, ZEE Music and Yash Raj Films. This will allow users to share music with their posts or videos on Facebook. People will also get this facility on the Instagram. 
Facebook new feature will be more fun

Facebook said, ‘This facility is being started from today. Now Indian users can share thousands of licensed Indian music with their posts and videos on Facebook. This will help them make their posts more meaningful and private. ‘ Prior to this partnership, Facebook was able to remove videos or posts created using such songs because of copyright cases.
Director of Facebook’s India operations partnership chief Manish Chopra said, “We are very excited about the partnership with the Indian music industry. The idea is that people in India will be able to include music in their video on Facebook and Instagram. It will give many other options to share and express memories with friends and family members. ‘ This partnership allows people to share the many old and regional songs from his video “Street Boy” and “Will your time ‘as new songs.

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