Facebook Removes Record Number Of Hate Speech Promoting Groups
USNMix Report: Facebook deleted about 200 accounts
associated with hate groups.

200 accounts deleted. Facebook was already eyeing these accounts. Inspired by police to participate in demonstrations about the killing of black people.
Facebook has removed about 200 social media accounts associated with groups that consider the best of the best. Company officials said on Friday that these groups encourage members to participate in demonstrations by police about the killing of black people, and in some cases with weapons.
These accounts on Facebook and Instagram were linked to two hate groups named ‘Proud Boys’ and ‘American Guard’ which are already banned on these social media forums. Officials were already eyeing them to prepare for the removal of these accounts when they saw posts that were trying to take advantage of the raging demonstrations since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 
Facebook Removes Record Number Of Hate Speech Promoting Groups

Brian Fishman, facebook Director of Counterterrorism and Dangerous Organization Policy  said, “We saw that these groups were planning to mobilize supporters and members to go to demonstrations and in some cases were preparing to go with weapons.”
The company did not provide details of the account users, such as what they planned to perform and where they live in the US. It said that “about” 190 accounts have been deleted. Both ‘Proud Boys’ and ‘American Guard’ were removed from Facebook for violating rules prohibiting hate speech.

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