USNMix Report: Foreign investment at the highest level of 15 months in February, 
FPI of Thousand Crores.

Prior to this, the highest amount of Rs 19,728 crore was invested in the Indian stock exchanges in November 2017.
Foreign investors invested about Rs 17,220 crore in Indian stock markets in February this year. This investment is highest since November 2017. Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) had invested Rs 19,728 crore in the Indian stock exchanges in November 2017. According to the latest data available with the depository, foreign investors invested Rs 1,17,899.79 crore in the stock market in February and withdrew Rs 1,00,680.17 crore.   
FPI investment at the highest level in February 2019

In this way, their net investment in the domestic stock market stood at Rs 17,219.62 crore in February. Earlier, in January, foreign portfolio investors had withdrawn Rs 5,263.85 crore from the stock market. Vidya Bala, Head of Research Fund, Funds India, Funds India, said that after the budget, the clarity in Government spending and in some areas, foreign investors remained pure buyers in February.
She said that the positive steps towards the budget and the steps taken to support the central bank’s economic growth can be considered responsible for investing in the stock market.

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