Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Government Official e-commerce portal GeM
will compete with Flipkart and Amazon.

The government wants to bring the convenience of online shopping to the general public through GeM.

The government is going to open the doors of GeM ie (government e-marketplace) to the general public. Through this, the government wants to hit two targets with one stone. The first is that as an e-commerce portal it wants to gain a foothold in online shopping and secondly it wants to overcome all the problems like selling fake goods on online shopping.
GeM Government e-Marketplace is actually an online market place where authorized sellers can register. Currently, this GeM is for the government only. That is, only the central or state government can do online shopping for government needs from the government e-marketplace. But in the coming times, the plan is to open GeM first for online shopping and then for public shopping online. 
GeM e-commerce portal will compete with Flipkart and Amazon

Strength of GeM: –
The strength of GeM can be gauged from the fact that the total order value on GeM is currently more than Rs 36,000 crore. Not only this, on GeM, about 40,000 buyer organization ie more than 2 lakh 95 thousand seller organization are registered. At the same time, GeM has so far entered into an agreement with 7 government banks to make payment easier to the seller, while an agreement with 6 more banks is going to happen soon.

Important things: –
# GeM Total Order Value 36,952
There have been 26,36,046 orders through # GeM.
# GeM has 39,968 total buyers registrations.
# 2 lakh More than 95 sellers are also registered.
# More than 14 lakh products are available on GeM.
# 220 PSU companies are already registered with GeM.

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