USNMix Report: Changes to Gmail’s features, 
right-clicking on these options will now be available.

Gmail will now have features like adding, moving, mute, and snoozing emails on Gmail.
While switching to Gmail, Google has added a right-click menu on the emailing platform, which will facilitate easily adding, moving, mute, and snooze the label. Google wrote in a live blog post on Monday that this option will enable users to reply or forward directly from a message while opening multiple emails in several new windows.

Gmail right-click option added more options

Before that was the right-click menu, in which users were given only three options – archive, mark edge unread or delete. The new additional options will include the option of searching from all emails from the same sender or from the same topic at the same time.
The post said that these features will be enabled by default and all the versions of the G-suite will be available to all users. Google has started issuing G-suite users along with this Rapid Release domain as well. This feature will be released on February 22 for other users.
In 2018 too many changes were made in Gmail’s feature. There was an automatic reply in it Under this, users no longer need to type responses such as Thank you, Let’s go, OK. In G Mail you will get pre-type suggestions for tips. This feature is currently available on Gmail. With this feature, you can also reply to you even when you are busy.

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