USNMix Report: Google keeps sight on your online shopping,
disclosed from the report.

If you also usually do online shopping, then this news is for you. Yes, Google keeps track of every online shopping you have made through the receipt of a shopping receipt sent to your private Gmail account.

According to the report published in CNBC, this information is available to the users through the Private Web Tool. The company claims that Web Tool keeps your data confidential. 
Google behold on your every online shopping

Not used for personal advertising
Google however insisted that he does not use this information for personal advertising. The company said in 2017 that it will stop using the data gathered from Gmail messages in personal advertisements. In a statement from The World, Google said, “To help you easily monitor your shopping, booking or subscriptions in one place, we have created a personalized center that only you can see.”

The company further said, ‘You can delete this information at any time. We do not use any information, including email receipts and confirmation messages on your Gmail account, from your Gmail account for advertising. Google did not however say that how long this tool is active.

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