USNMix Report: Google Duo will now enable 32 people

to do video calling simultaneously.

Google Duo

In early May, Google announced the facility of video calling on the web version of Google Duo and now the company has announced to increase the limit of group calling on the web version of Google Duo. On Google Duo web, 32 people can now do video calling or video conferencing simultaneously. Google has given information about the new feature through Twitter.

Google Duo

In addition to calling with 32 people, Google has also introduced Family Mode in Google Duo. This was informed by Google senior product and design director Sanaz Ahari Lemelson. New updates will be released soon for Google Chrome.

Video Calling App

People are working from home due to infection spread and lockdown. In such a situation, all the office meetings and classes are going on online. In such a situation, there has been a huge increase in the downloading of video calling apps. The Zoom video calling app got its biggest benefit, though later there was a lot of ruckus about privacy.

After this, Google made Google Meet calling free for everyone, which was earlier only for G Suite users. Now 250 people can do video calling on Google Meet for free. Google Duo competes with apps like Zoom, Facebook Messenger Room, Skype, and WhatsApp. Let us know that in WhatsApp too, now eight people can do video calling simultaneously.

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