Google increase control of data privacy to users

USNMix Report: Google increased user control among threats
on data privacy.

Google last month gave users new access to three or 18 months of time to keep their location history and web and app activity information safe. Data privacy in front of tech companies is a big challenge.
Google has announced additional security and privacy tools for its users on products and platforms, while pressing governments to remove privacy related shortcomings on tech companies from around the world. Last month, the company had given new facility to select three or 18 months of the time limit for keeping users’ location history and web and app activity alive.
Google increase control of data privacy to users

Eric Miraglia, Director of Product Management, Google’s Privacy and Data Protection Office, said, “If you choose this, any information older than this time limit will be automatically and automatically deleted in your account, this new control for web and app activity will be done on May 7. And the location will come from history in the next month. ”
Google users will be able to view their account profile pictures at the top right in products such as Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Pay. Miraglia said, “To access your privacy control, you have to tap on your picture and follow the link to your Google Account.” The company said, “You will also be able to review information related to your location activity in Google Maps and delete it.” Google is also offering this feature in Search, Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Assistant and News this month.

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