Google Pay Stamp Collection Diwali offer Extended
USNMix Report: Rangoli stamp still unavailable?
Don’t worry, Google Pay will extend the game.

All in all, Google Pay is now in the News Headline and surely in the Netizen’s mind.
Rangoli still doesn’t available in Google Pay? Don’t mind. Thinking about all of you, Google Play has extended the deadline for this funny game. Though the deadline is set to expire on October 31, it has been extended till November 11. So, without getting upset, now start collecting ‘Stamp Collection.’

This year, Google Pay has changed the definition of gifts in Diwali. Chocolate, not a favorite gift, the gift which is the only demand of all eight to seventy eight people now, is “Rangoli”. Once you get a Rangoli, you will be saved. Google Pay’s ‘Diwali Celebration’ is behind all of this. 
Google Pay Stamp Collection Diwali offer Extended

The game is now trending all day on Facebook through WhatsApp social media. Some have been scanning Diwali equipment all day, some are busy with transactions, some are busy with recharging. The purpose is to collect the stamps. If you get 5 stamps, you will get Rs 251. However, the users were angry at the meanwhile. Complaints are that Jhumka, Flower, Diya, Lantern are all easily available but Rangoli does not get at all.

Although netizens are reluctant to leave anything. The request for stamps has been sent through the Contact List. Occasionally you see how many stamps have been deposited in gift bags. All in all, Google Pay is now in the News Headline. And surely in the Netizen’s mind.

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