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USNMix Report: Google will shut down  this service from April 2

millions of users such Delete Account.

Is your e-mail account in G-Mail? If so, it is possible that you will also have a (Google+) account. In this case, let us know that Google is going to shut down its social networking service Google + from April 2 next month. Company will begin deleting Google+ data from April 2 onward. The information is being provided to the users through this message from Google. The company says that before 31st March, keep your data safe in the archive.
Information about this has been given only about two weeks ago by Google. Google’s archive team will also keep all public posts on Google Plus secure. But if you want your data to remain with you and not secure in the archive. It is important that you delete your post and account on time.
Google Plus social networking site will shut down on April 2

Delete your Google Plus account
– First log in to your gmail account.
– On opening Gmail, you will see that the top of the right side of your photo has nine dots. By clicking on it you will see Google+ typed downwards.
– Clicking here will open your Google Plus account. Here you will see the above written ‘Your Google+ account is going away April 2, 2019.
Downloading your Google+ content may take time, so get started before March 31, 2019′.

– This line is going away and get started highlighted. You click on get started. Clicking will open a new page.
– You will see many options on this webpage. If you have photos, videos and other important data in Google+, you can click on “Save all your Google+ Data” to save it. Follow all the steps mentioned above.
– If there is no urgent data in your account, click Delete your Google+ profile.

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