USNMix Report: Google will improve the search engine,
mobile users will benefit.

Google has improved its search engine for people using mobile. Mobile users will now be able to better understand which information is coming from what they are saying and they are looking for something. 
Google will revamp the search engine for mobile users
Google senior interaction designer search Jamie Leach said, “The name of the website and its icon will appear at the top of every result card, it will help to anchor each result so that you can more easily scan the results page and decide. What can you know next?’

Now when users search for a product or service and Google displays an important ad, a highlighted ad label will be displayed at the top with web ads. Leach said, “This new design allows us to add more action buttons and useful previews to find the result card, while you will also get information about the contents of all web pages.” This redemption is coming first on mobile and will continue for next few days.

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