Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

USNMix Report: Cyber attack at Honda’s 11 plants,

halt plant operations in India, Brazil and Turkey.

Cyber attack on 11 plant of Honda. Work stopped in India, Brazil and Turkey. Virus reached the company’s system.

Honda cyber-attack halt plants in India, Brazil and Turkey

Work has come to a standstill after Japanese carmaker Honda’s cyber attack at India, Turkey and Brazil plants. Many of the company’s plants have also been affected after cyber. The cyber attack took place in Honda’s internal server earlier this week, following which viruses have been spread in the company’s system. A spokesman for the company has given this information to AFP.

Honda Cyber-Attack Halts Plants

The car plant in Turkey and the motorcycle plant in India and Brazil have been victims of this attack. The spokesperson said that the company is investigating the case. According to the report, 11 plants of Honda have been targeted by hackers, out of which five plants are in the US. Work has resumed at the US plant, but work at the other plant is at a standstill, although a spokesman has said that the cyber attack has not affected the company significantly.

Many global automakers, including Honda, are already experiencing a slowdown in sales due to the epidemic. In such a situation, cyber attack is not less than a double stroke. Last month, Honda reported a 25.3 percent drop in net profit over the previous year, as sales fell six percent to JPY 14.9 trillion (about Rs 10.45 lakh crore) at the end of the financial year in March.

Explain that there has been an increase in cyber crimes in lockdown. Both cyber police and cyber experts agree with this. You can guess the increased cybercrime in the lockdown, according to the security firm Barracuda Network, 4,67,825 phishing emails were sent from March 1 to 23 of which 9,116 related to Corona, while in February about Corona 1,188 and only 137 e-mails were sent in January. By sending emails related to Corona virus, personal information of people is being stolen and malware is being installed in their systems.

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