Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

USNMix Report: Twitter has closed more than 1.50 lakh accounts,

know the reason. 

Twitter closed 1.70 lakh accounts. The tweet being made from these accounts mentioned the Corona virus and the Hong Kong protest. 

Hong Kong Protest

Micro-blogging site Twitter has taken a big action and closed 1.70 lakh accounts. All these accounts were campaigning under the guise of supporting the policies of the Chinese government. Also, incorrect information was being spread on behalf of these accounts. At the same time, the company says that users of all these accounts have violated our policy. 

According to a CNN report, experts say that all of the closed account tweets mentioned Hong-Kong protests and COVID-19. Apart from this, the Communist Party of China was also supported in these tweets. Because of this, all these accounts have been closed. Significantly, all these tweets were done in Chinese language.


Twitter has said that we have identified 23,750 accounts, which were supporting China. Along with this, there were 1.50 lakh accounts that used to promote tweets made from these accounts. In addition, the report of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute stated that the purpose of this Chinese campaign was to target Chinese citizens living abroad. 

Renee Diresta, research manager at Stanford Internet Observatory, says that these 23,750 accounts were tweeted about 348,608 times. These tweets referred to the Hong-Kong protests and the corona virus. He has further said that the US was also criticized for the epidemic from these accounts. 

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Twitter is testing Reaction Emoji like Facebook. Tipster Jane Manchun Wong Jo has given this information, although another report said that Twitter had done this experiment in 2015 as well. Jane Manchun Wong has also shared a screenshot in which reaction emoji like haha, namaste and wao can be seen on this Facebook. It is being said that this feature will be released with Fleet first. Talking about Facebook, there is an option of Reaction Emoji while liking a post here, although there is nothing clear about Twitter yet.

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