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USNMix Report: Earn thousands of rupees every month
sitting at home not only from Google but also from Instagram.

You spend a lot of time on social media and the Internet. A report also revealed that an average person spends three hours on social media and internet.

You spend a lot of time on social media and the Internet. A report also revealed that an average person spends three hours on social media and internet. But do you know that apart from being active on social media, you can also make a good income. Perhaps only a few of you are aware of this. Recently we told you how you can earn millions of rupees a month sitting at home through Google. 
How to earn money from Instagram

If you also want to earn from Instagram, then your number of followers should be good. We further tell you how you can make Instagram a source of your earnings if the number of followers is good. On this social media website, you have to take care of some things to increase your followers. If you want to make the number of followers rich (more followers) then first of all you need to pay attention to how your profile looks.
You follow any Instagram user only when it is necessary to have a strong bio on Instagram along with its good display picture. Keeping this in mind, you should also apply your DP and write a bio. Your good display picture and bio users will force you to follow themselves.
How active are you
Apart from strong display picture and bio, it is also important that how active you keep yourself on Instagram. Many times people forget to create an account or after several weeks, upload a lot of photos and then disappear. To add followers on Instagram, users need to be regularly active on Instagram and post better quality images daily, so that there is a constant engagement with followers.
Photo like this
The user should post such high quality photos on Instagram account, which affect maximum users. This creates your positive image. Apart from this, your hashtags should also be good to increase engagement. To increase your followers and maintain engagement on Instagram, you kept commenting and reacting to the posts of your followers.
This is how earning
You will have a question in your mind that after increasing the number of followers and engagement, what is the relation of income. Let me tell you that the concept of income through Instagram matches blogging. Here the user promotes the service of his partner or client through his account. The user gets income instead of promoting. When the number of your followers becomes in thousands or millions, then you have to promote the client positively.
Sponsored post
Like Facebook, the concept of sponsored posts works well for verified and VIP accounts. To earn from this you have to have a good number of followers. In this, user posts promote the product of a certain company or client.

Online photo sale
If you are a good photographer and have been doing photography for a long time, then you can easily sell your photos by going to a gallery. For this, users can post their photo on Instagram with watermark. You can write your contract details and other information related to shopping in your bio, so that if someone likes your photographs, they can contact you and buy them.
Sell Instagram account
If the followers on your Instagram account are good and you are not able to use it properly. That is, if you do not have time to promote a client’s product, then you can also sell this account. There are many websites, including Famewap, where users can sell their Instagram account.

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