How to remove your name from Truecaller?
USNMix Report: How to delete your name
from the truecaller app?

This app is now essential to smartphone users. It is easy to know the identity of the caller when the phone comes from an unknown number. Where is the number, whose name, etc. can be found in this app? Most of the advantages are when an unwanted phone arrives. Such as life insurance phones, different credit cards or debit cards and the company’s customer service number when truecaller shows it is spam. As a result, it will be very easy to decide which one will grab a phone and avoid it. However, the caller’s identity is not always accurate.

However, many people are willing to keep their identity secret again. They do not want their names to be flown in truecaller before receiving calls. Because many people think that it is possible to disclose personal data leaks. In this case there is also a way to remove his name from the truecaller. Both the Android and iPhone smartphones users can use this method to keep their names secret from the app. Let’s take a look at that method.
How to remove your name from Truecaller?
Android Smartphone users:
Open the truecaller app first. Then log in to the truecaller account. You will see a ‘People’ icon in the corner of the corner. Tap on it and go to Settings. From there, click on ‘Privacy Center’. There you can find the ‘deactivate’ option. Tapping it worked out.

iPhone users:
Log in as soon as you enter the Truecaller app. Click the Gear icon. Then scroll down and select ‘About truecaller’. There you can see the ‘deactivate’ option. When you click on it, the fulfillment of the work. In this context, the list of options for the regular update of the app is often reversed.

However, many names may go on in the list of truecallers. Go to the Truecaller ‘Unlist’ Webpage and enter your mobile number and country code number (+91 in India). Then you will know why you want to move the name. Verify the ‘Captcha’ number and click on the ‘Unlist’ option. Then it will be activated after sometime. And in no way anyone can find your identity in the Truecaller app.

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