USNMix Report: Microsoft said – Dream of “Modern India” 
will be fulfilled with the help of AI.

Due to increasing use of the Internet, Artificial Intelligence can be used to implement better government schemes.
Technology company Microsoft on Wednesday issued a white paper titled ‘Age of Intelligence’ on Artificial Intelligence and said that Indians can be empowered through AI. This white paper states that the use of AI in health services, employment, education and government services can expand to socioeconomic opportunities, to a lesser-than-less class. This white paper was unveiled in the NASSCOM Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF) 2019.
Indians can be empowered through Artificial Intelligence

Challenges and opportunities have been formulated in relation to AI in ‘Age of Intelligence’ and it has been described how to reduce the benefits of digital systems in the coming government policies, the increasing use of the latest technologies like Internet and connectivity, in future Who will be able to reach the same category. In this, the rapid implementation of cloud infrastructure and Intelligent cloud services will play a key role in adopting AI.
Microsoft India President Anant Maheshwari said, “Our objective is to incorporate a human-centric approach in AI.” In India, the adoption of AI is now started. Four basic pillars – making possible digital transformation in industries, collaborating for innovation, future It will speed up the use of AI in creating a ready workforce and generating sustainable social impact. All this should be done under a developed ethical framework. ”
India has linguistic diversity, it will be better used here
Microsoft said that for example, the integration of India due to its linguistic diversity and literacy is a major challenge. Services are not easily available to citizens due to obstruction of digital language. AI is playing a key role in removing this obstacle and making voice recognition, text-to-speech and translation possible for all major Indian languages. Once it is fully available, all services will be given to all citizens in the language of their choice. Microsoft is working closely with developers to provide these services in all major Indian languages.
With the help of AI, a better rein can be put on waste
The company said that AI tools help the governments connect more effectively to their citizens, prevent waste and secure important information. Microsoft’s Smart Cities – Intelligent Technology and Citizen Services Tools are designed for general challenges such as fees and toll management, traffic optimization. These provide easy access to the integrated government services to citizens by tracking, search and converting bots.

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