Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Jet Airways offers bumper offer, up to 50% discounts.
The advantage of this offer can be raised on both up and down (one-way and return).

Jet Airways has taken bumper offer. Under Bumper Sale, both international and domestic flights are being discounted up to 50 percent. This sale will last till February 25, 2019. The specialty of this sale is that the advantage of the offer is getting both for the premier and economy class. But the discount is only available on the Base Fair. According to the press note issued by the company, the advantage of this offer can be raised on both up and down (one-way and return). International tickets on this ticket can be done after February 21.

Jet Airways bumper offer, get up to 50% discounts till 25th February

Talking about Domestic Passengers, the Economy Class can be visited from March 1. If you have purchased Premier Class tickets, ticket booking is required at least 8 days before traveling. At the same time, ticket booking is required at least 15 days before traveling from the economy class.

This offer also applies to Jet Airways’ partner airlines Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Travelers will be able to travel on Domestic Route from March 8. On the Interstate route, the journey will start from February 21.

More discount on ticket booking from website or app
Those passengers who book tickets from the airline or the site will pay the company more discount. For instance, 250 bonus JPMiles, Zero cancellation fee, additional discount of 20% on access baggage etc. will be available on every flight booking. For more information, the airline’s website can be taken from JET AIRWAYS WEBSITE.

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