USNMix Report: The world’s billionaire bought the most expensive house in America,
worth 1700 million

New York: Ken Griffin recently bought a house of Rs 870 crores near Buckingham Palace.
There are different types of people in the world, but one of America’s investors, Ken Griffin, is fond of buying ‘the most expensive’ properties around the world. Due to his fondness, Griffin has bought the most expensive home in America, which is worth around Rs 1700 crores. Just a few days before, Griffin had bought a house of Rs 870 crores near Buckingham Palace in London.

Ken Griffin purchases most expensive house in USA

The Penthouse Griffin currently bought is 1000 feet high and 24000 square feet wide. According to Griffin spokeswoman, Griffin will stay in this house while living in New York.
Hobby of buying expensive properties
In the last few years, Griffin has bought more than one expensive property. It includes two floors of Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 2 billion 13 million rupees ($ 30 million), 4 billion 26 million rupees ($ 60 million) in Miami Beach Penthouse, Chicago’s most expensive house and four-level Penthouse 4 billion 17 million ($ 58.75 million). Apart from this, Griffin has purchased assets worth approximately 16 billion rupees ($ 230 million) in Palm Beach, Florida. Here in 2009, Griffin paid 2 billion 84 million ($ 40 million) for an apartment in 820th Avenue.
The world’s big wealthy griffin
Ken Griffin started the business of convertible bonds only during the 50 years of studying at the university. Ken, a resident of Florida, founded Citadel in the year 1990 and has made fame around the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Griffin is among the 500 richest people in the world, and Griffin’s total assets are approximately 68 billion 30 million rupees.
Griffin is also ‘Danvir’
Griffin joined the Robin Hood Foundation in 2003 and joined the Bill & Melinda Gates of Foundation in 2006 to open a school for children in Chicago. Griffin had donated 1 billion and 35 million dollars to the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Griffin started a charity organization Kenneth and Anne Foundation with wife Catherine and works to get basic education to children.

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