Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: If you are using JioPhone then definitely know about these 5 plans, 
you will find all these benefits.

Prepaid plan for Jio Phone starts at Rs 49.
Reliance Jio has completely changed the telecom market. The biggest reason behind the data revolution in India is Jio. The company has also launched the Jio Phone for its users. In such a case, if you are using this phone then it is very important to know these five excellent recharge options. The plan starts from Rs 49. The maximum cost of the plan is Rs. 594. The biggest thing is that all plans have been provided with data and free SMS facility.
Know the five JioPhone recharge benefits

Of these, three plans – valued at Rs 49, Rs 99 and Rs 153 – are valid for 28 days. The validity of the other two plans is for long term. In the plan of Rs 49, users get free local, STD and roaming calling, besides 1GB of data free. Plus 50 SMS is also free.
The validity of the plan for Rs 99 is 28 days. Users get 14 GB free data and 300 SMS. Local and STD Unlimited Calling is free during this period. Users get 42 GB data in a plan of Rs 153. Along with 100 SMSs are received daily.
The validity of the plan of Rs. 297 is 84 days (3 months, 28 days). Users get 42 GB data and 300 SMS. The validity of plan for Rs 594 is 168 days. Users get 84 GB of data and 300 SMS in total. In this two plans, like other plans, Free Unlimited Local, STD and Roaming calls are available. 

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