Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: You also use sleep mode in laptop,
so be careful, otherwise there will be a lot of damage.

In today’s time, laptops are used from college to office. Also, people use this device anywhere. On the other hand, tech companies are also giving special features like Wi-Fi and sleep mode to these laptops to give maximum facilities to the people. But recently laptop fires have occurred, with sleep mode being attributed. This mode also causes a lot of damage to the battery. At the same time, experts believe that shutting down the laptop instead of sleep mode is the better option.

This is how sleep mode works
People repeatedly use sleep mode to save the time it takes to open a laptop. When the laptop is not used for a long time, this device automatically goes into sleep mode. Apart from this, users can put the laptop into sleep mode through the start button. At the same time, this feature stresses the laptop battery, which increases the risk of fire.
Laptop shuts down instead of going into Sleep Mode
Take special care of these things
1. The laptop should not be kept in sleep mode for long time, as it causes great damage to the battery. In addition, the battery also deteriorates quickly.
2. Sleep mode has a bad effect on the laptop’s CPU and monitor.
3. Sleep mode causes the laptop battery to heat up, which can cause a fire.

Benefits of sleep mode
Sleep mode greatly reduces laptop battery consumption. Also, the device does not need to be turned on again. Apart from this, users can start work from where they left the work through sleeping mode. On the other hand, the laptop should not be charged too much, because it makes the battery very hot and can cause a fire.

Hibernation mode is a better option
Users can use hibernation mode instead of sleep mode on laptops. Also, this mode does not harm the laptop battery at all. Users can save the work running on the laptop to the snapshot window through this feature. Hibernation works better than sleep mode. Also, this feature also increases the battery life of the laptop.
If you also want to activate hibernation mode in your laptop, then you must first press the Start + R button on the keyboard simultaneously. Now the window power option will open in front of you, in which you can choose hibernation mode instead of sleep mode through the pavak button.

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