LG 48CX 48-inch Ultra-HD Smart OLED TV Review

USNMix Report: LG 48CX Ultra-HD HDR 48 inch OLED Smart TV Review:

Compact Size, Great Picture.

Is this the best not huge TV you can purchase at the present time?

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Among the sorts of show boards regularly accessible for TVs, OLED sits at the highest point of the order, because of this current innovation’s capacity to recreate incredible tones, difference, and dark levels. Normally, this additionally implies that OLED TVs are costly, thus far they have just been usually accessible in sizes of 55 inches or more. While a greater screen unquestionably makes for a superior survey insight, 55 inches could frequently be too large for your review space, regardless of whether you have the financial plan for an OLED TV. LG’s most recent dispatch looks to take into account that accurate prerequisite.

At 48 crawls on the corner to corner, the LG 48CX is guaranteed by the organization to be the littlest standard OLED TV accessible in India, and it is formally evaluated at Rs. 1,99,990. While this may appear to be somewhat costly given that 55-inch 4K HDR TVs are currently regularly accessible for under Rs. 40,000, the LG 48CX guarantees lead level picture and sound quality, and a more modest structure factor that may speak to numerous purchasers. Is this the best not huge TV you can purchase in India? Discover in our survey.

LG 48CX 48-inch Ultra-HD HDR Smart OLED TV
LG 48CX 48-inch Ultra-HD Smart OLED TV

LG 48CX OLED TV plan and determinations 

OLED TVs are commonly enormous and normally exceptionally weighty, so it’s intriguing to see an alternative that is impressively more modest than what I’m utilized to. With a 48-inch screen, the LG 48CX is among the littlest OLED TVs you can purchase in India at this moment, however the size doesn’t imply that the board is lacking in details. This is a Ultra-HD HDR OLED show, with a goal of 3840×2160 pixels and backing for the Dolby Vision just as HDR10 Pro configurations for high powerful reach content.

The screen is encircled by meager lines, and there’s an extremely thin casing towards the top which extends somewhat close to the lower part of the TV. Strangely, there isn’t a LG logo anyplace on the front, which keeps even the base bezel thin and takes into account a better screen-than body proportion. There is a pointer light at the base, and a multi-work button that controls power, source choice, and volume.

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This moderate, screen-centered plan suits the size well overall, particularly given that this is a very good quality TV and is significantly more modest than most others in its value fragment. At almost 15kg in weight, the LG 48CX is very weighty for a TV of its size, and gauges a reasonable piece more than many financial plan 55-inch choices.

Albeit authoritatively estimated at Rs. 1,99,990, this TV ought to be accessible at a greatest working cost of around Rs. 1,35,000, according to data from LG. This very still puts it at the higher finish of the value range for TVs under 50 creeps in size, however you’re getting the full suite as far as details and highlights, going past the OLED show board.

These details incorporates Dolby Atmos sound help, 40W of sound yield from a 2.2-channel speaker framework, Apple AirPlay 2 and Nvidia G-Sync support, Bluetooth availability, and the webOS keen TV working framework. Other key highlights important incorporate LG’s alpha-9 Gen 3 AI picture processor, auto low-inactivity mode (ALLM) with a guaranteed reaction season of around 1ms, and a standard revive pace of 120Hz on every one of the four HDMI ports.

There are a lot of network choices on the LG 48CX TV, however the port arrangement is somewhat abnormal, as I would like to think. Three of the HDMI ports (all HDMI 2.1, one of which supports ARC) and one USB port face to one side of the screen, yet the others all face in reverse, which could prompt some wiring issues in the event that you mean to divider mount the TV. The regressive confronting ports and attachments incorporate two extra USB ports, one extra HDMI port (HDMI 2.1), Component and AV inputs, Optical sound yield (Toslink), 3.5mm sound yield, Ethernet, and a radio wire input.

The LG 48CX has an included one-piece focus fitted represent table mounting, which will allow you to put it on a little table if necessary. The TV is viable with VESA divider mounts (excluded from the business bundle), and I had the option to utilize one of the standard mounts that I need to divider mount the TV myself. I would, obviously, suggest that you have any TV mounted expertly, and the specialist will actually want to exhort you on whether there will be any extra expenses for this at the hour of establishment.

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LG 48CX OLED TV remote and highlights

Most moderate TVs are very essential with regards to highlights, yet the LG 48CX OLED TV does satisfy its exceptional situating and offers significantly something beyond fundamental keen TV usefulness. There are a small bunch of gaming-centered highlights like ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and backing for Nvidia G-Sync. There is additionally support for Apple AirPlay 2 for screen and sound sharing from viable gadgets, and Apple HomeKit for IoT home computerization. This will prove to be useful on the off chance that you have an iPhone or Mac PC, and will allow you to utilize the TV as a big screen for these gadgets. You can likewise truly consider utilizing this TV as a screen for PC gaming or efficiency capacities.

Conveniently, both Google Assistant and Alexa are upheld for voice orders from the TV, and either can be set up as the default choice for the remote. Not at all like Android TV-controlled TVs, there’s no underlying Chromecast usefulness on the LG 48CX, however you can screen-reflect from an Android gadget through the LG ThinQ application.

The ‘Magic’ remote of the LG 48CX OLED TV has a recognizable plan, with a huge, bended body, and bunches of catches. Like the controllers on most LG TVs accessible today, it allows you to explore by waving it around delicately while pointed at the TV. In the event that you lean toward something easier, you can adhere to the typical d-cushion route and parchment wheel, which bends over as the principle choice catch.

There are catches on the remote to reach essentially anyplace in the UI inside a couple of snaps, including settings, the home menu, hotkeys for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and straightforward controls to choose the source, change the volume, and that’s just the beginning. It’s an exceptional remote, yet felt somewhat cumbersome and substantial. I especially enjoyed utilizing the wand-style route, yet it was ideal to have the exemplary d-cushion and parchment wheel to rapidly move around now and again.

LG 48CX OLED TV programming and interface

The product and UI of a brilliant TV can represent the deciding moment the utilization experience, and a few brands decide to foster their own product to have more tight command over how it functions with the equipment. LG procured webOS from HP back in 2013 and transformed it into a savvy TV working framework, which has gotten truly able throughout the long term. The effortlessness and simplicity of getting to applications and real time features, the absence of messiness due to not having a customary home screen, and the way that all you require is accessible, makes this among the better keen TV stages today.

It is erroneous to say there’s no home screen by any stretch of the imagination; there is a fundamental dashboard that allows you rapidly to switch among sources and sound gadgets, and enact AirPlay or Bluetooth sound offer to utilize the TV as a Bluetooth speaker. I didn’t frequently have to utilize the dashboard, as squeezing the ‘Home’ button on the remote pulls up the application cabinet as an overlay even while content is playing on screen.

It’s feasible to switch between applications utilizing the Home catch, which raises the full rundown of introduced applications, the hunt bar, application store, fast access instruments, for example, the craftsmanship exhibition for screen savers, and the record supervisor for associated gadgets, for example, USB drives. For changing to an alternate source or getting to itemized settings, there are committed catches on the remote, and everything springs up as an overlay instead of intruding on any dynamic substance to raise a full-screen interface.

All the real time feature applications are worked for shrewd TV use, and function admirably whether or not you utilize the gliding cursor or the d-cushion to explore. The applications are very like what you’d see on Android TV or Fire TV OS, and backing the most elevated goal and HDR designs conceivable where accessible. There are no significant oversights with all key administrations having applications for webOS, and these applications function admirably on the TV.

Voice associate help for Google Assistant and Alexa are available, just as LG’s own ThinQ AI framework which can be utilized for unmistakable voice orders for TV capacities.

LG 48CX OLED TV execution

The LG 48CX is novel for one central explanation: it’s the littlest OLED TV you can purchase today (that we are aware of), and offers you a full set-up of highlights and particulars regardless of the size. The best size of TV for my front room dependent on survey distance is 50 inches, and despite the fact that I regularly audit TVs bigger than that, I’m most open to watching a fairly reduced TV. The 48-inch screen fit my survey space well overall, and it was ideal to have a genuinely leader seeing involvement with this size.

OLED TVs do order a value premium, and the entirety of their advantages are apparent on the LG 48CX. There is an extensive improvement in dark levels and differentiation over even great quantum-speck TVs, and the board size makes for a sharp, close picture that utilizes the pixels accessible. This additionally implied that the TV was great across goals; Ultra-HD Dolby Vision content normally looked the best, however even HD and standard definition content looked great on the LG 48CX.

As usual, I began with the best substance accessible on streaming stages at this moment – Ultra-HD Dolby Vision content from Netflix. The LG 48CX caught the dull and grave setting of season two of Snowpiercer well, especially when it came to magnificent dark levels that must be accomplished with a decent OLED TV. The dim, light denied internal parts of the 1000-vehicles in length train were definite and precise when it came to colors, finding some kind of harmony among dull and splendid where required.

Different tones, including the weak traces of sunshine, skin tones, and surprisingly a periodic lights and hints of the nightclub like Night Car were delightful, with the LG 48CX putting its endless differentiation proportion to superb use and duplicating them precisely. Like the generally welcomed 55-inch and 65-inch variations in LG’s CX reach, the 48-inch variation gets the leader seeing experience on moment that it comes to tones, difference, and dark levels.

Indeed, even with HDR10 and standard powerful reach Ultra-HD content, the LG 48CX to a great extent gets the image right, especially on account of how sharp it is. The more modest screen certainly adds to causing the image to appear to be somewhat more honed over ordinary review distances. All things considered, top splendor for HDR content appeared to be somewhat low, and the splendid outside scenes of The Grand Tour frequently fell somewhat shy of being genuinely uncommon. While HDR10 content glanced great as a general rule, Dolby Vision will in general bring the best out in the LG 48CX.

This TV wasn’t exactly pretty much as searingly splendid as a decent LED or QLED TV, for example, the Sony X9000H can get with Dolby Vision or HDR10 content, and thusly needs a faintly lit or dull space for the best survey insight. Splendor is likewise somewhat low even with standard powerful reach content, yet the levels would in general show all the more conspicuously with HDR seeing.

Upscaling on the LG 48CX was noteworthy; I discovered the image sharp even at full-HD, while 720p and standard definition content was probably on par with what can be anticipated from a TV of this screen size. The TV figured out how to mellow the normal unpleasantness that accompanies playing lower-goal content on a Ultra-HD TV, with no recognizable ancient rarities or pixelation. Indeed, even movement was smooth and normal across goals, offering realistic movement obscure or smooth streaming movement when vital.

The smooth movement was apparent and especially valuable with sitcoms, including New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine played in full-HD. The realistic haze was clear when I re-watched a couple of scenes of The Midnight Sky on Netflix, just as with outwardly sublime TV shows like Our Planet. Indeed, even kids’ recordings on YouTube looked perfect and good looking on the LG 48CX, helped along by the way that this isn’t as huge a TV as most top of the line choices.

The LG 48CX can get very boisterous, and sounded clean even at moderate to high volumes. There’s 40W of appraised sound yield, however this is a 2.2-channel speaker framework with 20W devoted to the subwoofers. This made for great sound execution in real life scenes, sensible execution with foundation scores, and nice yield with discourse and other voice-based sound. It got boomy on occasion, yet I very delighted in the animosity in the sound with specific sorts of content.


55-inch and bigger OLED TVs are significantly more typical and reasonable today than they were a few years prior, and LG itself has been offering the 55CX at extremely serious costs, particularly during deals. Be that as it may, purchasers who need the advantages of the leader innovation however don’t really have the space for a 55-inch TV have been confronting a difficulty, and LG has at long last settled it with the 48CX. It’s little enough to fit in a conservative room, can be utilized as a TV or screen in view of its size, and offers a leader experience that not very numerous TVs less than 50 creeps in size even approach.

This remarkable size is the TV’s greatest selling point, as I would like to think, firmly followed by the proficient leader experience it offers. The most extreme working cost isn’t totally incredible for the OLED space, and will probably fall over the long run actually like its bigger kin, the 55CX. Purchase this TV on the off chance that you need a leader TV that isn’t exactly just about as extensive as most normal lead TVs. Nonetheless, in the event that you’re not especially fussy about the estimate and have the space for a 55-inch TV, the LG 55CX is accessible at generally a similar cost and consequently conceivably offers better incentive for your cash.

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