USNMix Report: The expense of advertisement for Election in Facebook, Google
spent Rs 53 crores, BJP is ahead from all the political parties.

Political parties in India have spent more than Rs 53 crores in the promotion of Facebook and Google on digital platforms since February this year. The ruling BJP party has the highest share in this political promotion. According to a report related to Facebook advertising, 1.21 lakh political ads run on its platform from the beginning of February to early May 15th. Political parties spent Rs 26.5 crore on these advertisements.

The BJP spent more than 17 crore on Google
Similarly, on February 19, 2013, till date on Google, YouTube and its subsidiaries, political parties spent Rs 27.36 crore on 14,837 advertisements. The ruling BJP spent Rs 4.23 crore on over 2,500 advertisements on Facebook. Pages like “My First Vote for Modi”, “Talk about India” and “Nation with Namo” also spent Rs 4 crore on advertisements on social networking website. The BJP spent over 17 crore rupees on Google’s platform. 
BJP spent more than highest money in the promotion of Facebook and Google on digital platforms

Congress spent 1.46 crores on Facebook
Congress spent Rs 1.46 crore on 3,686 advertisements on Facebook. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi’s party expenditure on 425 advertisements was 2.71 crore rupees. According to Facebook data, Trinamool Congress spent Rs 29.28 lakh on advertisements on its platform. The Aam Aadmi Party ran 176 advertisements on Facebook and paid for it 13.62 lakh rupees.

According to Google, Auburn Digital Solutions is advertising for you on its platform and it paid 2.18 crores after May 19. Significantly, the dates were announced in March for the elections of India’s 17th Lok Sabha and the last phase of polling was going on Sunday. The votes will be calculated on May 23.

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