USNMix Report: Xiaomi will launch special pen for children,
listen to stories when bored

Chinese mobile maker Xiaomi is going to launch a special product for children this time. Xiaomi will present a special kind of Pen ‘Mi Bunny Reading Pen’ for children on May 27 on the occasion of International Children’s Day.

This special pen is specially designed for children. This has been revealed in a report by Gizmochina. The company will launch this device of children in 199 yuan (about 2 thousand rupees). 
'Mi Bunny Reading Pen' will present on International Children's Day

Pen will work like a story player
This pen will be available for sale from the company on the morning of May 27 at 10 a.m. In the Mi Bunny Reading Pen, the company has given the speaker, with the help of it, the children can listen to the stories. This device is equipped with a very simple, portable and attractive design. For children this tool will work as a story player. With just one click, children can play the story from this device and can easily listen to it.

This is an optical pen with 22 beautiful readable picture books present. Children can choose to listen in English and Chinese language, which makes it easy for them. According to the news of BGR, the company’s strategy behind reducing the dependency on the smartphone and the revenue is to increase revenue besides presenting such device or other device besides the phone. In addition to mobile phones, the company has introduced many different products, such as LEDs, shoes, sunglasses etc.

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