Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Mi Credit: Loan up to one lakh rupees in 10 minutes,
avail this way, interest only 1.35%.

Xiaomi has relaunched Mi Credit in India. This is Xiaomi’s second financial service after Mi Pay. Regarding Mi Credit, the company has said that through this, anyone can apply for a personal loan of up to one lakh rupees in just 5 minutes. The company has said about privacy that the data of all customers will be fully encrypted and the data should be served only on the server in India. So let’s know how to take a loan from Mi Credit up to one lakh rupees.

The special thing about Mi Credit is that you will not have to go round the banks by taking a document for a loan. The entire work will be done online through the Mi Credit app. The company has partnered with brands like Aditya Birla Finance Limited, Money View, Early Salary, Jestmani in India to lend through Mi Credit app.

Mi Credit take personal loan of up to one lakh rupees in 5 minutes
To take a loan through Mi Credit, customers have to download the Mi Credit app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store. After this, selfie, address proof and PAN card will have to be uploaded in the app itself. After this your credit score will be checked. After this, you will be given a loan of up to one lakh based on the credit score.

Talking about the interest (interest) on the loan taken through Mi Credit, you will have to pay 1.35% monthly interest which will be 16.2% per annum. The company says that Mi Credit’s service is currently available on 1,500 PIN codes in 10 states.

In the current financial year 2019 it will reach 19,000 pin codes. The company quoted a survey as saying that the highest number of personal loans are being taken for treatment in India. After this, people are taking personal loans for shopping and marriage too.

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