USNMix Report: New logo of Microsoft Edge browser comes in front,
official announcement of launch soon.

New logo of Microsoft Edge browser has been revealed. This new design logo can be officially announced at the Microsoft Developers Conference starting this week. The e used in Internet Explorer and Edge has been used in the new logo design, but the specialty of this new logo is that it has been designed in 3D.

Fluid design language has been used in this. It also includes a spiral themed design like Ocean Wave. Many new features can also be seen in the new Edge browser with this new logo. 
Microsoft Edge Browser new logo official announcement of launch soon

If we talk about the user-base, then Google Chrome currently has 68.91 percent global users. Whereas, when talking about all other internet browsers, their users are very less compared to the global users. Talking about the users of Mozilla Firefox, it has 9.25 percent users. At the same time, Apple Safari has 8.68 percent users. Edge Browser has only 4.51% users and 4.45% users use Internet Explorer.

Giving information on this new logo design, the founder of Mozilla Firefox said that Microsoft’s move will end Google’s monopoly.

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