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USNMix Report: These are the rates of mobile calling in neighboring countries of India,
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India’s leading telecom companies such as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone have created a stir in the market ever since they have asked to increase call rates. Due to the increased prices, common people may have to face trouble. On the other hand, if the experts are to be believed then this will greatly benefit the telecom market. Now it will be interesting to know how much money people are paying for the recharge plan in our neighboring countries. So let us know how much data and calling are worth in Pakistan, Nepal and Myanmar.

The telecom company Telenor charges Myanmar at 12 Kyats per minute. Comparing the currency of Myanmar to India’s rupee, One Kyat / (MMK) is close to 0.047 paise of Indian INR. Myanmar users have to pay a fee of 10 Kyats per MB separately for the data. Also, users have to pay 28 Kyats for calling and 15 Kyats for SMS.
Mobile Calling Rates of Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh


Let us tell you that Telenor also serves in Pakistan. One rupee of Pakistan is equal to 0.46 paise of India. Here consumers have to pay Rs 600 for nine GB data and all in one plan. Also, users are charged separately for the use of WhatsApp and Facebook.

Sri Lanka
Bharti Airtel also serves Sri Lanka. One rupee here is around 40 paise of India. Users of Sri Lanka get unlimited call facility in the plan of 98 rupees. Along with this, they are given one thousand SMS and 100 MB data. On the other hand, users have been given 1.65 GB of data for 14 days in the plan of Rs 119.

Bangladesh and Nepal
Nepal Telecom gives one GB of data to its users for Rs 1,125. In addition, users get 100 MB of data for 125 rupees. Apart from this, plans ranging from 9,000 to 3,000 rupees are available from the Excel company, in which Nepal users get ten GB of data. On the other hand, in Bangladesh, users have been given facility of data from one GB to five GB in 189-400 Taka Banglalink.

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