USNMix Report: PM Modi launches new card, 
one card will be work for everything

If you travel in the metro with your car then also come and go on the highway. In such a situation, if you use different cards everywhere, then this news is for your work.
Yes, PM Modi launched the country’s indigenously built National Common Mobility Card (NCMC), which was able to pay many types of transportation charges including metro service and toll tax across the country on Monday. With this card being called ‘One nation one card’ used in different transport services, you will be able to purchase bus fares, toll tax, parking fees, retail and even withdraw money.
NCMC - Modi launches One Nation One Card that would work across the country
The hassle of cash for cash payment will be over
The Prime Minister also inaugurated the first phase of the Ahmedabad Metro Rail Service, while inaugurating the NCMC. Modi said, “This card runs on the Ruppe card and it will end all the troubles related to your journey. Many times you do not have open bucks to pay in cash for a metro, bus or train or toll and parking. An automatic rent collection system has been brought to get rid of this mess. ‘
You can also withdraw money from the common mobility card
He said that India has been importing this system from abroad so far. He said, “Since the system was created by different people, the card issued in one city did not work in another city. Therefore, we have asked several ministries, departments and banks to deal with this issue. ” Modi said, now our dream of ‘A nation one card’ has come true. People can also withdraw money from this common mobility card.
This rupee card can be used to travel to the city in any part of the country. In simple words, the rupee card has been merged with the Mobility Card. PM Modi said that the country does not need to depend on foreign technology with the creation of this country and the first card of its kind. The Prime Minister said, ‘Now we have’ Made in India ‘card. In select countries, ‘One nation One card’ technique. ‘

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