Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Not just RAM,
the processor also determines the smartness of your smartphone.

The brain handles almost all the work in our body. Similarly, the processor handles all the work of the mobile. You can never keep your phone right only with the help of RAM. For this, it is necessary that your phone’s processor is strong along with RAM. In such a situation, it is important to know which processor is in your phone.

This processor makes Samsung. Android is considered a good processor for smartphones. It is available in both quad core and octa core variants.
Processor determines the smartness of Smartphone
Snapdragon chipset is manufactured by Qualcomm company of America. Its 800 series processors are the best. These processors do a great job in multitasking, gaming or audio-video surfing.

This Taiwanese company makes the cheapest processors today. The biggest drawback of these processors is that they use a lot of power, due to which the battery of the phone runs out quickly. There are many such devices in which the problem of hits is also seen.

Haisilikon Kirin
These companies are made by the Chinese company Huawei. Mali GPUs will be seen in their latest model. It uses ARM CPU core and upgrade network technology. Processor is made using 16 nanometer technology in it. Battery life remains good in this processor and the phone does not heat up.

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