Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: This message that came on WhatsApp in the name of RBI
can clear your bank account.

All kinds of things come on social media everyday. It does not take time for anything to go viral on social media. Especially on WhatsApp, people quickly share and forward the message without checking, but any of these messages can become a problem for you.

A message by the name of Reserve Bank of India is now going viral on WhatsApp. This message is being shared on WhatsApp under the name RBI WhatsApp Global Award. A link is also being provided with this message. It is being said with the message that your WhatsApp number has received a reward of Rs 2.75 million. To take prize money, click on the link below with mobile, number, age and claim.


RBI Whatsapp Global Award Message can clear your bank account

At the same time, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) has issued an alert about this message and said that this message is completely fake. Do not fall into the trap of such messages. At the same time, many banks including RBI are alerting their customers about this. So if you have also received such a message, delete it immediately, then tell others about it too.

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