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USNMix Report: Realme Buds Air Neo Review:

Cocktail of superb design and great audio. 

The price of Realme Buds Air Neo is Rs 2,999. Earbuds will be available in three color variants. Music battery backup for three consecutive hours. 

Realme has recently introduced its second True Wireless earbuds in the Indian market, named Realme Buds Air Neo. Earlier, the company launched the first earbuds Buds Air last year. The Buds Air was priced at Rs 3,999 but Buds Air Neo was offered for Rs 2,999 considering the market demand. Buds Air Neo is very similar to the earlier Buds. We have used Buds Air Neo for many days. Let’s know in the review whether buying Buds Air Neo for the price of Rs 2,999 will be a profitable deal?

Realme Buds Air Neo

07%;">Specification of Buds Air Neo 

Talking about the features, it has a 13mm driver and a touch sensor. The company has also used the R1 chip in it, about which the company has claimed a stable connection. Apart from this, Bluetooth 5.0 has been given in it. This earbuds also have an auto connector. Google Assistant is also supported in Buds. You will find Reality Buds Air Neo in three color variants which include Pop White, Punk Green and Rock Red. Apart from this, Air Neo has also received IPX4 rating for Water Resistant. A micro USB port will be available for charging in the case of buds. With the Reality Link app, you will also be able to upgrade this earbuds, although there is no support for wireless charging in its charging case. Explain that there was support for wireless charging in the case of Buds Air. 

Design of Buds Air Neo

There is no need to say anything special about the design. Gripping is good. Earbuds do not fall off the ear even when running, although there is a fear of falling in crowded areas. Long-term use also does not cause ear pain. The weight of an earbuds is just 4.1 grams, while its total weight including the case is 30.5 grams. Finishing and build quality are also excellent. There is a battery indicator in the charging case. There is also a pairing button in the charging case which greatly helps in pairing in a new device. 

Performance of Buds Air Neo

Talking about its special features before performance, you can receive calls and play / play music by double tapping into it. After taping three times, the next song will start playing. By pressing on any one side for a while, you can disconnect the call and activate the voice assistant. 

If you are playing the game and want to go into super lattice mode then you have to stay for a while by tapping on the sensors on both sides. Now as far as performance is concerned, the placement of the touch sensor has been given a good place, because most of the earbuds have the wrong place of the sensor, due to which the sensor would have difficulty pressing while sleeping. This is not the problem with Buds Air Neo. The earbuds do not activate without tapping sensors. 

Auto connectivity is fast. We have used Buds Air Neo on both iPhone and Android devices for the review. We did not face any problem regarding connectivity in both devices. Voice is crystal clear on both iPhone or Android devices. You can listen to each bit of a music in Buds Air Neo. Buds Air Neo We loved it because it does not fully pack the ear. You can also talk to someone face to face while using it. 

Even at full volume, the sound is not piercing in the ears. The audio level of Buds Air Neo is ideal and the bass is also good. Talking about battery life, the company has claimed 17 hours for its battery backup including the case. The battery of both earbuds lasted for about 3 hours during the review, after which one earbuds battery ran out. The charging case does not provide information about earbuds’ low battery. Earbuds start to be disturbed when the battery is less than 40 percent.

How about calling Buds Air Neo? 

As far as calling is concerned, there is some problem with calling with iPhone. The phone has to be kept very close. For example, if you have a Buds Air Neo connected to your iPhone and you want to have a phone in your pocket and you talk comfortably, then it is a bit difficult, because sometimes the voice is cut, sometimes you get the sound but The front person does not get it and sometimes the voice gets busted. There is no such problem with Android. Android phones get more bass and sound louder than the iPhone. Overall, Buds Air Neo will not disappoint you if you want an earbuds designed for Apple AirPod at a low price and with good audio quality.

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