Redmi Note 7 captured photos of Earth from space

USNMix Report: Redmi Note 7 took the picture of Earth
with the height of 1,07,706 feet.

This is an examination and Redmi Note 7 also passed the test. Watch that video …
Launched in January Xiaomi’s budget smartphone Redmi Note 7. 48 megapixel rear camera is the main attraction of this phone! Apart from this, there are several interesting features on this phone. But how strong or durable is the Redmi Note 7? 
Redmi Note 7 captured photos of Earth from space
The Redmi CEO Lu Weibing was seen to show his customers At that time a video of the organization was seen in Redmi Note 7 as a chatting board, and used in the walnut for the use of Lu Weibing.
A recently released video was seen, Redmi Note 7 moved to space to take pictures from there. This is a test and Redmi Note 7 also passed the. Redmi Note 7 takes pictures of the Earth from about 31,000 meters (1,07,706 feet) above the surface. Recently released a video of Xiaomi’s Lei Jun in a social media in China. And that’s what Redmi Note 7’s new work.

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