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USNMix Report: Before reaching fifty,
almost all men of this village lose sight!

About 75 percent of the people of this village are blind! Many people of them are gradually losing sight.

Small mountain village surrounded by green vegetation. There are 350 people living in this village. About 75 percent of the people of this village are blind! Many people of them are gradually losing sight. The Peruvian Paran is better known as the ‘village of the blind’ or ‘village of the visually impaired’ in that country. 
'Retinitis Pigmentosa' genetic disease responsible for lose sight of all men in this village

Most people in this village of about 3000 feet high are affected by a genetic disease in the eyes. The name of this disease of the eye is ‘Retinitis pigmentosa’. Although we do not know the name of the disease, but we know about the disease by the name of ‘night blindness’. According to eye-doctors, ‘Retinitis pigmentosa’ is responsible for the ‘night-blindness’ disease.
The ‘tunnel vision’ of the disease’s eye is damaged. The main part of the membrane named retina in the eye is the rod and angle. These rods and angles work as photo receptors. Ratina rod cells gradually lose their function as a result of this disease.
Most of the ‘paran’ villages are affected by ‘retinitis pigmentosa’. Due to this disease, one of the residents of this village was blind from childhood, and just fifty or crosses the age of fifty years darkness came before the eyes.

It is known that, at one time in this region, a digging agency appeared in search of gold and silver in the region. The people of this village get the first treatment by  this excavation agency. At the same time, a group of doctors who came to this village examined and said that eye diseases are actually by birth. This disease is caused by X chromosomes.
Men are more affected ‘retinitis pigmentosa’ than women. There have been several instances after this, that the birth of a son in this village is more likely to be blind. That is why residents of this village do not get involved in marriages with people of other areas. Therefore, even when the light of civilization reached, the village of Peru is still separated from other parts of the country.

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