Sun. Aug 7th, 2022
USNMix Report: Samsung A90 will have a pop-up 
selfie camera and these features.

This will be the phone with Samsung’s first front pop-up camera.
The famous company ‘Ice Universe’ has revealed on its Twitter handle that Samsung’s ‘A90’ smartphone is reportedly coming up with a pop-up selfie camera. ‘A 90’ is perfect, it will be the phone with Samsung’s first front pop-up camera, its screen is perfect, there is no stain, no hole in it, “Ice Universe said on Saturday. According to media reports, no further details of this phone have been found, but this device is expected to come by the end of this year.

Samsung A90 first front pop-up camera

Samsung started the range of smartphones with three and four rear cameras in its ‘A series’ last year. The South Korean company launched the ‘Quad-Rear Camera’ (with four rear cameras) Galaxy A9 in November last year. Other global smartphone manufacturer companies such as Apple, Huawei, LG and Motorola have taken patents on foldable smartphones.
Samsung’s Mobile Marketing Senior Vice President Justin Jenisan had a glimpse of Samsung’s first foldable device in its ‘Developers Conference’ held in New York last November. The first 10 million units of the Samsung’s foldable smartphone are expected to come in March 2019.

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